Dr. Thrower’s MedSpa

Dr. Thrower’s MedSpa has a highly trained multicultural staff offering a unique personal experience for Laser Hair Removal, Skin and Hair Rejuvenation procedures, Laser Fat Reduction, Weight Loss programs, and other cosmetic services.

Services Offered


Chemical peels, Micro-needling with serum or PRP, Microdermabrasion, and Custom Facials.

Laser Hair Removal

Struggling with unwanted
facial or body hair?
We have a simple solution for you.

Botox / Fillers

Get rid of your wrinkles
and fine lines with
our injectable treatments.

Hair Regrowth

Injections of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) that contains special growth cells that can restore hair follicles into an active growth phase.

We only use evidence based technology to ensure the highest quality and safety for our patients. All of our procedures are performed by state-licensed aesthetic professionals. We offer new services, new prices, and free consultations for cosmetic procedures, laser services, and facials.

All of our MedSpa service providers are Licensed Medical Skincare Specialists who use the highest quality medical-grade treatment products in conjunction with the latest Laser Technology.

Medically-based aesthetic treatments require little to no downtime.

Dr. Thrower’s MedSpa has your solution for Acne Treatment, Dark Spots, Skin Discoloration, Skin Lightening, Shaving Bumps, Keloid Scarring, Stretch Mark Repair, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Loose Skin….

We are ready to make your skin feel and look younger.

Please contact us to answer any questions you may have regarding our services or to book an appointment.

(305) 757-9797

Cosmetic Services Offered


Botox for Fine lines & wrinkles around the forehead and frown. Wrinkles around the eyes (Crows Feet). Visible platysma neckbands. Brow lifting. Hyperhidrosis ( also known as  sweating underarms).

Juvaderm XC for Lip enhancement, Targeting lines around the mouth, and adding volume to your cheeks.

Restylane for minimizing dark circles under the eyes (tear troughs), targeting lines around the mouth, and adding volume to your cheeks

Glutathione for total body skin brightening. As an antioxidant it removes toxins from the body. Very good nutritional supplement.

Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Thrower’s MedSpa offers custom laser treatments to get rid of unwanted or embarrassing hair, bumps and dark spots.

Click here for more information on laser hair removal.

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration is done at our office using PRP or Platelete Rich Plasma Therapy to help with hair loss. PRP has been used for over two decades with positive outcomes.

Click here for more information on our hair restoration service.

Before & After Photos

Our Before & After Photos speak for themselves. The proof is in the picture.
Click here to see before and after images from the cosmetic services we provide.