Quickly and Easily!

This Non-invasive solution provides instant results and is safe and clinically proven.
No dieting is required to lose multiple sizes!

Body Contouring | Cellulite Reduction | Back of Arms | Abdomen | Buttocks
| Inner and Outer Thighs | Knees | Skin Tightening | Jawline/Neck Lifting


No Downtime. Quickly, Safely, Painlessly.

Viora capitalizes on advanced and proprietary technology by delivering the most effective results possible. The recommended treatments needed to see great results are 6-9 treatments done in weekly intervals.

“Get rid of unwanted fat.”

The most popular patient request that can be treated with our NEW technology.

For Men and Women of All Skin Types

If you’ve lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time whether via childbirth, surgery, diet or exercise, you look great. But, if you have sagging or loose skin, you might feel that there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. The extra folds, sagging skin and stretch marks can also be improved dramatically.

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Achieve significant weight loss and tighter skin without dieting, exercising or pills.

V-FORM treatments produce skin tightening, body contouring , cellulite reduction, using radio frequency energy that heats and melts fat cells. Along with vacuum technology that pulls skin and fat cells in the direction of the lymphatic system to remove fat cells.

V-FORM – Powered by Multi-CORE

The multi-frequency gold standard in RF for body contouring and cellulite reduction.

The technology’s three channels of different frequency depths, and a fourth channel incorporating all three frequencies allows the targeting of specific layers of the skin, controlling penetration depth.

Boosted by a powerful Vacuum which maximizes penetration energy, increases blood flow and improves lymphatic drainage, V-FORM has been painstakingly crafted for consistent clinical results. V-FORM is a proven device that can be used in conjunction with Viora’s range of handpieces to deliver a more robust treatment offering and offer combination treatments.


What is the difference between RF, Laser, and Light Therapy?
Lasers and Light therapy affect collagen in the upper dermis, improving fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture. RF energy is able to penetrate deeper into the skin and affect the deeper dermis and subcutaneous layers, causing tighten and improvement to the underlying tissue structures but with little change in skin texture.

How does V-FORM work? (Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening)
RF energy targets enlarged fat pockets to reduce fat cell volume and increase the metabolism while the vacuum mechanism increases local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Treatments are simple and comfortable and resemble a deep tissue stimulation combined with gentle suctioning of the skin. We heat and liquify fat and vacuum it towards lymphatic system drainage and removal from body.

Is the treatments safe? No adverse side effects.
Treatments are non-invasive with no anesthesia required.

How many sessions are needed?
Recommended 5 sessions or 10 based on area treated and amount of fat needed to be dissolved.

How long do treatments take?
Depending on specific areas treated time can range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

What is a V-FORM treatment?
A non-invasive safe, effective device combining the use of radiofrequency (RF) energy and vacuum to provide treatments.

Following a treatment when can I resume my daily activities?
You can continue your usual activities upon leaving your treatment session.

Revolutionize Your Body Contouring

Tightening and cellulite reduction treatments with the V­FORM handpiece. Offer your patients the fastest, most comfortable treatments for body shaping! Powered by CORE (Channeling Optimized RF Energy), V-FORM delivers the industry’s most advanced RF technology: the Multi-CORE. V-FORM has a large, medium and small spot size for faster treatments and an Integrated Monitoring System for comfortable and safe treatments.

What is Radiofrequency (RF)

• RF causes: Heating of body tissue, raised body temperature.
• RF energy is a type of electromagnetic radiation with long wavelengths and relatively low frequencies (MHz).

Deliver RF to the Tissue

Bi-polar RF configuration is generated using two electrodes while both are in contact with the treatment area. Thermal and clinical effects take place in the tissue between these electrodes. Since bi-polar configuration is more localized, less energy is required to achieve the same heating effect (compared to monopolar).

V-FORM Utilizes Multi-CORE Technology with bi-polar RF Configuration!
RF current passes between two different electrodes, allowing the practitioner to specifically target different penetration depths by manipulating the RF frequency.

V-FORM uses controlled bi-polar RF, thereby reducing the chance of any damage to surrounding tissue.

With the Multi-CORE configuration, more than 2 electrodes are integrated in the handpiece. The large spot has 6 electrodes and the small spot has 4 electrodes. This is commonly named multi-polar RF. Please note that this is a modification of bipolar RF electrodes.

RF Biological Response

Shrinking of the fat cells by increased blood microcirculation:

Increasing the temperature to 39° – 42° for at least 10 minutes results in
A. Increase in the venous flow by vasodilation
B. Prduction of new blood vessels during the angiogenesis process
C. Increase in the oxygen level and nutrient diffusion and hormonal delivery
D. Increased cell metabolism increased lipase activity.

Collagen remodeling due to heat and mechanical stretch.
A. Denaturation of connective tissue (collagen)
B. Breakdown of the Intermolecular cross-links
C. Production of new collagen Type I and III by heating of the fibroblast to 39°-42° for atlas 4 minutes (mechanical stretch model)

Core Technology

(Channeling Optimized RF Energy) Three Distinct RF frequency channels
(0.8MHz, 1.7 MHz and 2.45MHz), 4th dimension, multi-channel mode

The multiple RF frequencies provide optimized clinical results through superior treatment control, precision targeting, and broader dermal penetration

Multi-CORE Technology

The Multi-CORE technology utilizes CORE advantage in Multi-polar RF Configuration.

Faster Heating | Lower chance for side effects | Practitioner convenience
Less pulses required to achieve the same thermal effect

Mode I

Majority of the RF Energy is Delivered to the Hypodermis. Mode I is the deepest depth of penetration.

Mode II

Majority of the RF energy is delivered to the reticular dermi

Mode III

Majority of the RF energy is delivered to the upper/papillary dermis.

Mode IV

Mode IV: multi-channel mode, which employs all three RF frequencies.

Vacuum  Mechanical Massage


Facilitate deeper penetration of heat


Enhancement of efficiency


Increase the oxygen level and nutrient diffusing


Increases cell metabolism (decrease fat volume)


Break-down of the stored energy (triglycerides)


Shrinkage of the Fat Cell


Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage


Reduces edema (accumulation of fluids)


Vacuum Manipulations Influence on

  • Removal of waste reduces intracellular edema
  • Assists in deeper depth of penetration of RF energy
  • Improving local blood circulation, due to mechanical pressure increases metabolic rate
  • The vacuum action has direct effect on the elasticity of connective tissue both in the dermis and in the sub-dermal layer ( septae) – by mechanical stretch ( stretch – relaxation model)

Vacuum Suction

V-Form Treatments move in the direction of the lymphatic system

  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Thighs & Abdomen treatment
  • Thigh Treatment

V-Form utilizes an effective vacuum therapy

  • up to 500 mBars
  • 4 Distinct Vacuum intensity levels

Treatments are Safe and Comfortable

For skin resurfacing, rejuvenation, acne scar clearance, wrinkle reduction and pigmentation disorders. We offer clients an effective, minimally invasive solution to more aggressive treatments, ensuring that you have a safe experience, with little to no downtime.
With innovative Switching, Vacuum and Cooling Features we have the ability to target the specific area you want for fat reduction and skin tightening.
We customize each treatment’s parameters per individual patients’ needs and symptoms, allowing us to treat areas considered more difficult, such as the neck, decollete and hands.