Introduction to Healthy Skin

 Your skin care transformation begins with a two-step approach:

(1) A personalized “skin type specific” skin care regimen utilizing the best in prescription and cosmetic topical treatments to boost and accelerate your results and

(2) Regular in-office facial treatments with our medical skin care specialists for faster improvement.  

When treating ethnic skin, experience is necessary due to ethnic skin’s natural response to injury.  Ethnic skin is sensitive and responds to insult, injury, or disease by producing acne, abnormal pigment patterns, dark spots, and scarring.

 Skin rejuvenation is a direct result of a controlled level of skin destruction and the backend of the story is new, healthy, clear, and regenerated skin. NEW SKIN!

Ethnic skin requires an ongoing long-term maintenance skin care program.  The skin care program should be customized to meet skin needs and tolerance.  We recommend combining all clinical procedures with Dr. Thrower’s daily home care products which range from mild to Rx strength topical creams.

Dr. Thrower has over 20 years of excellent patient care.  You will feel safe and happy with the results.

All aesthetic services are performed by licensed medical skin care specialists. If you have questions about your skin care regimen or which professional treatment is best for your skin, please contact our skin care experts at our Medspa.