Basic Facials

Facials are deep skin treatments that hydrate, cleanse, and rejuvenates the skin as well as minimizing skin blemishes, dry skin, acne, and wrinkles.

Facials provide ingredients to thoroughly cleanse your face and remove the top layer of dead skin cells, resulting in a new layer of beautifully glowing skin. Moisturizers leave skin feeling soft and healthy.

Natural products are beneficial to the face. Elements such as essential oils, botanicals, and vitamins keep skin nourished and youthful. These extracts are distilled from natural elements such as flower petals, herbs, leaves, tree bark, fruits, nuts, seeds, and natural oils.

A Facial involves a cleaning procedure, a massage, steam to face, and a facial mask. While the mask is on the dead outer layer of skin cells are removed, blood circulation is stimulated, lymphatic drainage is aided and wrinkles are delayed. Both Blackheads and Whiteheads are softened so they can be easily removed. Lastly, the mask tightens the skin.

Benefits of Facials:
Deep Cleansing
Circulation Boosting
Toxin Elimination
Collagen Stimulation 

There are many types of Facials. Each type is targeted toward skin type and skin condition.

Rejuvenating Facial (dry / normal skin)


Treatment for: Brings nutrients to skin and hydrates the skin

This procedure is safe and suitable for dry to normal skin.
Skin is cleansed with a nutrient gentle cleanser and massaged on the face, to rid of makeup, dirt. This is followed by a hydrating toner. Followed by a combination of papaya and sweet almond masque, gently massage into skin and left on for a few minutes. This masque helps to brighten and hydrate the skin. Finally, corrective serums, hydrating moisturizer, and SPF are applied to correct and protect the skin.


Key Benefits:
• Hydrates
• Calm dry skin irritations


Basic Acne Facial (oily skin / mild acne)


Treatment for: Oily skin to clear away buildup of oils, and dirt

Skin is cleansed with medicated wash to lift away dirt, makeup, and oil. Followed by toner to balance the skin pH. Follow by detox gel and steam to open the pores, light extraction is performed. Followed by a calming mask. Then a corrective serum and skin protection are applied.


Key Benefits:
• Skin feels clean and fresh
• Minimal extractions
• Recommended for all ages


Deep Cleansing Facial (all skin types)


Treatment for: A night out “glow”

Skin is cleansed with a plant based cleanser to lift away dirt, makeup, and oil. Followed by scrub and steam to remove any buildup residue of oils and promote circulation. Followed by a soothing mask that hydrates and calms the skin. Next, a detox gel is applied and left on for a deeper penetration. This softens the skin and cleanses the pores. Moisturizer and sunscreen may be used in the final step.


Key Benefits:
• Cleans buildup of dirt on the skin
• Softens the skin
• Gives the skin a nice glow